Work Ethos

1. The customer always comes first

• Know your internal and external customers serve them well
• The customer needs are paramount
• Keep your promises and exceed expectations
• Honesty is always the best policy
• Communication is key

2. Take responsibility for your actions

• Own it
• Do it now – Don’t put it off
• Do what you say you will do
• Take it on the chin

3. Share the leadership

• Promoting teamwork, support your colleagues in other departments
• Accept ideas and express your own
• Inspire others – we are all in ambassadors
• All of one mind, in one direction

4. Channel your energy

• Focus on the positive, resolve the negative
• Choose the right attitude
• Archieve your objective

5. Treat others as you wish to be treated

• Be pleasant
• Approach all relationships with openness and honesty
• Be respectful and courteous at all times
• Think about the impression you leave